A Center of Excellence in Range Construction Supporting America’s War Fighters”

VRS can currently deploy up to six site teams, all of whom have experience in range design, construction, and operations. In order to ensure quality processes are in place, VRS has resources, experience and technical competency to maintain a high state of quality assurance throughout the construction process.

Sustainability is the central design requirement and is incorporated in all VRS designs. Many elements have been incorporated into standard processes due to feedback obtained through "Lessons Learned". VRS will interact with and involve installation agencies such as Range Managers, Command Safety, Department of Public Welfare and environmental staffs to ensure early involvement in the project planning process. VRS will work with these agencies to ascertain the size, Operational Tempo (OPTEMPO), location of the facilities and to meet the requirements of the regulatory agencies, including the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

VRS Services

Ranges & Training Facilities 

VRS is comprised of Army veterans and seasoned construction experts who have a thorough understanding of Military capabilities, training ranges and training facilities. With over 160 years of combined military and construction experience, our customers can count on VRS to provide performance based services to successfully execute all our construction projects. VRS' Management Team delivers one of the most robust combined specialized experiences with regards to development, design, and construction of Military Training Ranges and Support Facilities across the Nation.

VRS provides realistic, live-fire training facilities that are dynamic solutions to fulfill various aspects of individual, collective and combined arms training. VRS can support range design and construction for the entire suite of US Army training doctrine and designs. VRS' goal is to be the leading provider of range construction for the US Military. Range training environments are VRS' core business and VRS design and construction criteria will always consider military-specific requirements such as sustainability, safety, realism, schedule, and cost effectiveness.

A Center of Excellence in Range Construction

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